Wrotham Heath Golf Club

Starting Times


TimE1st TeeTime10th Tee
07:30 - 08:303 / 4 Ball07:15 - 08:452 Ball and Foursome
09:00 - 10:302 Ball and Foursome08:45 - 10:153 / 4 Ball
10:30 - 12:003 / 4 Ball10:45 - 12:152 Ball and Foursome
12:30 - 14:002 Ball and Foursome12:15 - 13:453 / 4 Ball
14:00 - 15:303 / 4 Ball14:15 - 15:452 Ball and Foursome
16:00 - 17:302 Ball and Foursome15:45 - 17:153 / 4 Ball

3 balls are also allowed to start at the 2 ball and Foursome times stated above on Wednesdays and Fridays

Weekends / Bank Holidays

Time1st TeeTime10th Tee
07:30 - 08:453 / 4 Ball07:15 - 08:452/3 Ball and Foursomes
09:15 - 10:302/3 Ball and Foursomes08:45 - 10:303 / 4 Ball
10:30 - 12:153 / 4 Ball11:00 - 12:152/3 Ball and Foursomes
12:45 - 14:002/3 Ball and Foursomes12:15 - 14:003 / 4 Ball
14:00 - 15:453 / 4 Ball14:30 - 15:452/3 Ball and Foursomes
16:15 - 17:302/3 Ball and Foursomes15:45 - 17:303 / 4 Ball


Every member has a duty of care to ensure that golfers, WHGC staff and members of the public are not endangered by their actions.

No golfer should commence or continue to play when a decision to cease has been taken by a Club official.

If you ignore the policy as stated, you do so entirely at your own risk and the Club will not accept any responsibility or liability for your actions.

Klaxon Policy

The Club operates a klaxon from the Professional Shop / Office when severe weather prevails and / or we have been made aware that lightening is in the vicinity of the course. This system is in accordance with the Rules of Golf Appendix 1-4 ‘suspension of play due to a dangerous situation’.

The following klaxon soundings apply:

a) Discontinue play immediately – one prolonged note of the klaxon.

In this situation players must cease play immediately and return to the Clubhouse.

b) Discontinue play - Three consecutive notes of the klaxon, repeated.

Players can complete the hole and return to the Clubhouse or take shelter on the course and wait for the ‘all clear’ signal.    

 c) All clear (resume play) – Two short notes of the klaxon, repeated.

Fog Policy

In the event of severe FOG, all play will be suspended until the white marker attached to the tree adjacent to the 9th green is visible from the Clubhouse patio. If the disc is visible but there is fog on the course, play may still be suspended at the discretion of the Head Greenkeeper or the Director of Golf.

The above policy will be administered during such times that the Office and/or Professional Shop are manned. At other times any decision relating to play during adverse weather conditions as described above is entirely at the players’ discretion and no responsibility or liability will apply to the Club.

Please note that the on-course shelters do not provide adequate protection from lightning.

The Board of Directors

24th November 2015  

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